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So, what's a prearranged funeral anyway?

There are two ways to pay for a funeral, at the time of need, or as a pre-need.

We don’t care to think about it because most of us don’t have much interest in dying. It’s something that happens to other people, right? Wrong. Final arrangements are something we are all going to need, and we should think ahead to have them taken care of.

So what IS prearranged funeral?

A Prearranged funeral is an opportunity to save your loved ones from the financial, and let’s face it, emotional burden, of planning your final arrangements.

It’s important to start the conversation around your wishes, even if it’s just a casual conversation between spouses or friends in what’s important to you when it comes to end- of-life decisions. Cremation or burial? Cremation has become the norm for the majority, but we still have our traditionalists among us, so be sure to voice it! From green burial, to a committal of ashes at sea, the possibilities of a unique and personalized send off is available to you.

And payment? (Because we know you’re wondering). There are many options available to you. Some people like to pay in full, where others prefer to stretch insurance-funded monthly payments over 3, 5, 15, even 20 years, depending on age. There truly is an option to create any send-off you can dream up, or to fit every budget.

I’d love to talk to you and get your arrangements in order. Big or small, lavish or simple, we provide your Peace of Mind.

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